Art / Dance / Theater

Amazonia, 2009


Category: Theatre
Production Company: Young Vic Theatre
Direction: Paul Heritage
Associate Director: Joe Hill-Gibbins
Design: Gringo Cardia
Associate Design: Ben Gerlis
Light: Philip Gladwell
Choreography & Movement Direction: Jean Abreu
Musical Direction: Santiago Posada (StudioAural)
Music: Felipe Karam, Gui Tavares, Anselmo Netto
Sound: Dan Jones
Casting: Sam Jones
Producer: Debra Hauer

“Big-hearted, bright, full of gorgeous Brazilian music… and, above all, commendably different from the usual Christmas fare.”

Financial Times

Ups & Downs & Whoopsie Daisies, 2009

Ups and Downs

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2009
Category: Contemporary DanceChoreography: Robbie Synge
Composer & Sound Designer: Santiago Posada (StudioAural)
Lightning Design: Rachel E. Stanners

Alenda Solitude, 2008

Alenda Solitude

Category: Contemporary Dance
Production Company: Jean Abreu Dance Company
Choreography: Jean Abreu
Lighting Design: Anthony Osborne
Composer & Sound Designer: Santiago Posada (StudioAural) with a cello part by: Olafur Arnalds

Aequus, 2008


San Vicenti Dance Festival, Croatia 2008
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2008
Category: Contemporary Dance
Production Company: Jean Abreu Dance Company
Choreography: Jean Abreu
Composers & Sound Designers: Peter Michaels, Felipe Karam & Santiago ..Posada (StudioAural)
Production Design: Alan McDonald
Lighting Design: Lee Curran
Costumes: Stevie Stewart
Dramaturge: Franko Figueiredo

“Inspired in the Amazon rainforest, Aequus is a mesmerising display of raw physicality and explosive movement celebrating nature’s powers of creation and transformation.”

Una monedita no hace pobre a nadie, 2006


Aired on Resonance FM at Frieze Art Fair, 2006
Commissioned by: Russell Martin & Joanna Callaghan
Category: Sound piece for radio
Collaboration by: Fernando Arias & Santiago Posada (StudioAural)

For Love and Money takes a look at the art economy through the eyes and experiences of artists and curators, far removed from the glitz of one of the world’s most profitable art fairs, the Frieze Art Fair. Joanna Callaghan and Russell Martin invited artists and cultural workers at the thin end of the financial wedge to respond and react to the notion of an art fair, moving the agenda away from profit and towards a greater sympathy concerning the purpose of art in contemporary society.

Diana Schufer’s Until The End, 2006

Diana Schufer - Until The End

Until The End by Diana Schufer, 2006.

Open House Exhibition, Embassy of the Argentine Republic.

Curated by: Gabriela Salgado
Category: 16 Channel Sound Installation by Diana Schufer
Sound Design & Sound Installation Engineer: Santiago Posada (StudioAural)

“Until the End revolves around two subjects that are at the core of human relations: love and sexual intimacy. The space is darkened, and scattered whispers invite us to pay attention: in a gentle tone, women and men confide the secrets of their intimacy, letting us in the mysteries of love and the way in which it transforms and excites them.”

Silence Disrupted, 2005

Silence Disrupted 1

Premiered at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 2005
Category: Contemporary Dance

Production Company: Union Dance Company
Choreography: Rafael Bonachela
Composer & Sound Designer: Santiago Posada (StudioAural)
Costum Design: Jessica Bugg
Light wear Designer: Uli Oberlack
Multimedia Artist: Dereck Richards
Lighting Design: Bill Deverson

“Exploring rapidly changing ideals through exhilarating dance, captivating music and eye-catching design it demonstrates how modern culture embraces and celebrates transformation”.

Inner Time, 2005

Innertime 1

London Laban School of Dance,2005
Category: Contemporary Dance
Choreography: Maria Botero
Composer & Sound Designer: Santiago Posada (StudioAural)

Inner Time is inspired on the idea of the artists’ muse in painting, sculpture and photography.

E2 7SD, 2004

E2 7SD 1

Winner of “The Place Prize 2004”
Category: Contemporary Dance & 12 Channel Sound Installation
Production Company: Bonachela Dance Company
Choreography: Rafael Bonachela
Sound Installation & Original Music: Oswaldo Macia in collaboration with Santiago Posada (StudioAural)
Lighting Design: Lee Curran
Costumes: Txela

“E2 7SD is composed as a performance and sound sculpture of an emotionally charged landscape. The duet was created in 2004 by Rafael Bonachela for The Place Prize Competition. The piece received both the award from the international jury and the audience award. In the same year, ‘E2 7SD’ also won the Bloomberg New York Choice Award. The piece was originally developed by Bonachela with two English dancers. Sound artists Oswaldo Macia & Santiago Posada incorporated fragments of these dancers’ personal diaries into the 16 channel sound sculpture which accompanies the choreography”.

E2 7SD was also performed at the Art Plus Dance event at Whitechapel Art Gallery, Dies de Dansa Festival in Barcelona and at Festival cite in Lausanne, Switzerland.