The Run, 2005

Winner Best Feature Heart of England International Film Festival, 2008
Best Feature Nominee Malibu International Film Festival, 2008
Winner ‘Best Director’ & ‘Best Actress’ Int. Filmmaker Festival UK, 2008
Category: Feature
Format: HD
Running Time: 90 min
Production Company: ZZ Productions
Directed by: Tania Meneguzzi
Sound Design & Trailer Music by: Santiago Posada & Lupo Montero (StudioAural)

Amanda and Rowly are a young couple from London. Amanda becomes obsessed with the idea of ‘the run’ when her old school friend and her boyfriend return from Costa Rica and confess the source of their new found wealth. Amanda begins the decision process of persuasion and justification to carry A-Class drugs into London for ten thousand pounds. Amanda and Rowly eventually agree they will carry half the drugs each, so if they are caught, they will both suffer the same consequences together. For most mules, once or twice is enough; for Amanda and Rowly it is just the beginning until the consequences they both face are far worse than the fear of imprisonment.